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Developing link building strategies that still work in 2020 might require hard work, trail and error, and long nights, but building the infrastructure is essential to building up your site’s SEO ranking. Jeff Peroutka, 23 years young, is the Founder and CEO of Pror Marketing LLC, an SEO service provider that works with Digital Marketing Agencies on white-label projects.

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Once you’ve built up a considerable amount of links through this strategy, you’ll need to monitor their status. Once a link breaks, that gives Google one less indication that your site is worth its rising rank.

Build Traffic with Link Reclamation

Whether you’re a photographer in Seattle or a small tech firm in Cleveland, link building strategies that still work in 2020 are the backbone to helping your site rank and drive more traffic.

Strategies on Social Media and Forums

Building traffic to your site with link reclamation is a time-intensive task that requires hours of dedication. Yet, over time you’ll begin to notice more and more traffic directed toward your site.