Outsourcing The Link Building Campaigns: Analysis From SEO Agency

Jeff Peroutka

December 14, 2020

It is not easy for an SEO agency to navigate through current times. The clients are looking for the best results, and it is not easy to achieve all goals despite doing your best work. Do you feel like you could benefit from outsourcing a portion of your job?

You can consider outsourcing the link building campaigns. If you wonder whether this is a smart move, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this decision.

The Benefits of Outsourcing the Link Building Campaigns

Creating a strong backlink network is still an important SEO aspect for many businesses. Even if you create top-quality content, you might be missing the link juice to rank high in search engine results.

Here are the reasons why to consider hiring an expert to manage a link building campaign:

  • Saving money in the process – it might seem like an additional expense, but let’s think about it like this. Outsourcing a campaign can be more affordable than paying an employee to do this job at their hourly rate. If you add the expense of using third-party tools and software, the cost might get even higher.
  • Hire an expert – despite knowing the SEO inside and out, you might benefit from getting an experienced link building manager. They can secure results in a shorter time span than usual.
  • Don’t worry about the results – getting an expert in that SEO subcategory guarantees results. That means each cent spent in outsourcing your campaign will be a smart investment.
  • Use the latest industry trends – it is not easy to keep track of the latest SEO trends. However, if you hire a specialized link building manager, they will use all the available methods of maximizing the results of a campaign.

Are There Downsides to Outsourcing a Link Building Campaign?

Nothing is perfect, and that is true for trusting your link building tasks to another person. These are the things you should be wary of during the outsourcing process:

  • You could use an expert – perhaps no one in your agency knows enough about link building. If that is the case, be honest and ask the help of an expert.
  • Your current strategy seems unsuccessful – did you try to strengthen the backlink network of a particular website, and it didn’t work? You can’t hurt from hiring a professional to secure the results you need.

There is enough room in your budget – would you say that the available budget covers hiring a third-party manager? If that is the case, you can revert some workload to them.

What Should You Consider When Hiring a Third-Party Link Building Manager?

Outsourcing your link building requirements is not different from handing any other project to third-party personnel. It is vital not to rush your decision even if you are in a hurry.

Experts recommend asking for samples of previous work in that niche. It will show that the person or agency is capable of doing the tasks you need. Additionally, consider the cost, and don’t forget to negotiate the bonuses and potential hidden fees. You want an expert who is transparent about their prices.

Finally, make sure that the outsourced expert understands your requirements. They should be ready to follow your instructions to the smallest detail. Ultimately, it is critical to decide from one project to another. Be careful when outweighing the pros and cons of outsourcing your link building requirements. That is the only way to ensure you always make the right call for your agency!

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