Dofollow Backlinks: The Plausible Link Building Approach

Jeff Peroutka

October 15, 2021

You may not be aware, but there is a world of difference between dofollow (DF) backlinks and nofollow (NF) backlinks. DF backlinks result from people linking to your website with the intention of passing PageRank; they can also be achieved by using “Digg this” or “StumbleUpon this” on your site. Nofollow links are created through blog comment sections, forums, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and various other places on the internet where you’re allowed to link out to pages on other websites. The problem with these types of links is that they don’t pass any PageRank at all–no matter how many people follow them from page to page in their web browsers.

If you’re new to link building, then your first inclination is probably to build as many nofollow links as possible. After all, it’s free, and it takes little time–so why not do it? This is a mistake, though; Google has gradually come to rely more heavily on the number of inbound.

What Are DoFollow Backlinks?

DF links are a path that links an external website or page to your website bypassing authority through the process known as link juice. This is something that Google uses to rank websites; even if you don’t explicitly state the authority of a page (which usually comes from other pages linking to it), there is still an implied level of authority, and this can be enough to successfully push your website up in the rankings.

If you’re wondering why we emphasize DF backlinks as being the best type of backlinks to have, then you’re not alone. The truth is that nofollow backlinks are considerably less effective than DF backlinks – but by how much? As it turns out, Google has confirmed that they now give more credit to sites with dofollow links, which is why the number of people using these types of links is on the rise.

When it comes to link-building strategies, you want to focus on getting as many links as possible since Google really values these types of links now. Although this isn’t going to be a simple task, there are ways that you can start building quality backlinks today — and we’re going to show you how.


Why Do DF Backlinks Matter?

Basically, DF backlinks allow you to borrow authority from external websites, which in turn helps you rank for keywords by allowing google bots to think your content is important. You don’t have to worry about the no follow backlinks on some websites not being counted because google bots will always count them for ranking purposes.

There is a misconception that believes dofollow links are too risky. But in our experience, dofollow links can be built safely with few risks of the site getting penalties from Google. We have been doing this successfully for our clients for years.

How To Tell If a Link Is DF?

You can tell if a link is dofollow by running an inspection on it. Simply right-click on the link and choose to inspect. Google Chrome will show you how it’s built as well as whether or not it is dofollow or nofollow links.

A link is a Dofollow link when it has a rel=”no follow” tag. This means the link is explicitly not followed by Google. But this doesn’t mean that dofollow links are all safe. Google still reserves its right to penalize sites with high spam scores for using too many dofollow links in their website content.

Do DF Links Have Any SEO Value?

Search engines have bots and people can follow you if a webmaster is linked to your site with a dofollow link. They pass on link juice and really benefit your website to get a high page rank. Do follow links have SEO value in terms of traffic and business because people trust the following links to gain more information.

Do follow links also mean that your website can get indexed quickly by Google. When you link another blogger, journalist, or directory with only dofollow links, you can get their link juice helping position your site better on the search engine result page (SERP). It is also a quick method to increase the number of inbound links.

4 Ways To Get Dofollow Links

Do follow Links Acquisition
4 Ways To Get Do follow Links

It is important to create backlinks for authoritative websites. Dofollow Backlinks are links on external sites that link to your site. They help your website rank better because the search engines know the external websites trust you, and they trust the external website, too. Backlinks are important for business because it means people can find you easier on Google, and they might buy something from you or click an ad.

Do follow links provide an SEO link-building advantage to websites that are linked. Search engines know that when someone links to your site, it’s because they like you, and the search engines will pass on some of the link juice, which helps increase your rankings.

Getting these links is not easy, but we are going to discuss four ways to get dofollow links for your website or blog.


Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to get backlinks. Google believes that guest blogging provides a lot of value, and it’s completely safe to use if done correctly.

Many popular blogs accept guest posts, and many bloggers will accept them, too. But there are some dos and don’ts when doing this:

  • Do make sure you aren’t trying to use guest blogging as a trick. Make sure you will provide value with your content, and make sure the blogger accepts guest posts.
  • Don’t contact popular bloggers and ask if they accept guest posts. Don’t write an article that’s not useful or targeted to the audience of the blog you’re submitting it to.
  • Don’t write an article that is completely filled with links. It will most likely get rejected.
  • Do search for guest blogging opportunities that provide good value to your readers and the blogger you want to write for. Do create content that is targeted to the blog’s audience and worth publishing on it.

Great Content + Email Outreach

If you want to get links to your website or blog, create great content. People are sharing their favorite articles through social media sites. Create something unique, valuable, and interesting so you can get many shares on your post.

From there, reach out to related bloggers in your field with a link back to the article on your site. Don’t be spammy, but be social.

To do that, create a list of related bloggers that you think might be interested in your content and send them an email asking if they would link to it. Make sure you have some information on the blogger before sending the email so you can personalize it.

An example of this would be, “Hi Billy – I thought you would enjoy this post on my blog about X. I’d love for you to link back to it if you think the readers of your blog will find value in it. No worries if not! Here’s a link: www.linktoyoursitehere.com.”

Send any of these emails, but don’t be spammy.

Build PR to Gain Brand Exposure And Acquire Natural Links

If you’re building a local business, getting links from popular publications could be valuable to you.

If you build up your personal reputation as an expert in your field, people will share their favorite articles through social media sites. You can get links not only to your website but also to your name, which Google looks at favorably these days.

A great example of this is one of the most popular optimizers for search engines, Rand Fishkin. He gets links to his name everywhere, which then leads people to think, “Wow! Rand, I should check it out!”

If you take a look at his Moz blog’s resource page, right now, there are so many popular brands linked to it. For example, Brian Dean of Backlinko is linked to it too.

These are both brands that get a ton of exposure on Google because of how many people link to their content. By having your brand associated with these popular brands, you’ll gain the same exposure for yourself.

Run Competitor Backlink Analysis, Then Steal Their Dofollow Links

A lot of online business owners are still using old SEO tactics that no longer provide value.

If you’re new to link building, try stealing your competitors’ dofollow backlink. This is not only easy but also safe. You can find these backlinks on Open Site Explorer or through the MajesticSEO toolbar. From there, just contact the webmasters and ask if they would link to your website.

This is easiest when you’re in the same niche, but it can be done with unrelated sites too. Sometimes, web admins will agree because they want to share great content or build relationships.


Building Backlink Profile

A backlink profile is a list of the backlinks that are pointing at your website. These are the pages that link to you.

Companies with good SEO set up a dofollow and nofollow links to help them build a backlink profile and identify what they need to fix or remove from their site. For example, if they’re getting bad links on one of their web pages, then it can lead them to use Google’s Pages Layout Tool to update the page.

Profile Pages With DF Backlinks

Profile pages with a lot of dofollow and nofollow links are great for SEO because they can rank your page quickly in Google.

This is best done through link directories. These sites allow you to create profiles, and you get a listing that links to your homepage. Examples include Manta, Yellow Pages, Yelp, Yell.com, etc…

These directories are not only great for link building, but they can also create some brand visibility on Google too. Make sure you have high-quality content on your site so that if the directory links to it, it doesn’t look bad.

Content listing sites that allow DF backlinks

A good way to build a backlink profile with dofollow and nofollow links is through content listing sites. This will give you an opportunity for your site’s external links to appear on authority websites which may send you viewers from those search results.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Google+ Local
  2. WOT Services
  3. Trust Pilot

Image galleries with DF backlinks

An image gallery is a great way to build up your online presence. This can be done by posting your pictures on sites like Flickr, Picasa, etc.

These are perfect for this strategy because they allow you to create an account and upload images that link back to your site.

The one downfall with these galleries is that it may take some time for the page ranks to increase depending on your site’s authority.

DF backlinks in Startup Directories

A lot of startup directories will allow you to create listings for free. This is usually done through profiles that have internal links back to your homepage.

Most of these websites are ideal because they’re new, and Google hasn’t indexed them yet. If you can get a link on one of these sites, it will be like building up another site with authority altogether.

Some startup directories include:

  1. Startupli.st
  2. Startupdirectories .com
  3. Awesome Startups

Product pages with DF backlinks

When you’re building backlinks, it is best to choose pages with high domain authority.

This makes it easier for the page to rank in Google and pass on your site’s link juice.

One great place to connect with web admins is through product pages. These sites don’t always need you to contribute content, but sometimes they also allow you to create profiles that link back to your website.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Amazon
  2. eBay
  3. Etsy


Review sites that provide DF backlinks

A lot of review websites will allow you to create profiles and leave comments on the page. These links are dofollow, but they can be powerful when it comes to ranking your site in Google.

If you’re trying to build traffic quickly, then you can create profiles on these sites and leave reviews for your own products.

A lot of review websites are not only based around websites, but they can also help promote your business. This is great because it will set you apart from the competition if you have an online presence.

Some review websites include:

  1. Trust Pilot
  2. SiteJabber
  3. Merchant Circle

DF Backlinks in Local Listings

If you’re looking to build up your local presence, then you can always create profiles in local directories.

This is great because it allows your business to be seen in the eyes of Google too. It will also increase your business’s visibility if people are searching for it locally through directories like this.

Loca l directories will usually ask you to fill out a form and create a page for your business. This page, once submitted, will link code back to your website, which is what you’re looking for.

Here are some examples:

  1. Yellow Pages
  2. SuperPages
  3. Local .com


Marketplaces that contain DF backlinks

Marketplaces can sometimes provide a lot of great opportunities for your business. This allows you to connect with users and ask them to leave reviews on your site.

Some marketplaces include:

  1. Craigslist
  2. eBay
  3. Etsy

4 . Amazon (seller profile)

These are just a few of the dofollow links you can create for your site. But by no means is it an exhaustive list.

Any site that allows you to sign up or leave a comment may have a dofollow link that points back to your website. As long as you’re engaging with the community, then you’ll have a lot of success.

You can also utilize places like PRWeb, which allows you to write a story and then share it across the web. Once again, the links within the story will be dofollow, but it’s great for building up your authority online.

Dofollow backlinks on Social Media Platforms

So it can be both a good and bad idea to get dofollow links on social media platforms, but it depends on your strategy.

If you’re having friends and family leave links for you on social media, then there is a chance that Google will see this as spammy or unnatural, which means your site could be penalized.

But if you’re utilizing social media in the right way, then you can actually get links from all of your accounts.

If each profile links back to your website, then it’ll add up and help with SEO. Additionally, if you have social profiles which are connected to authority profiles, it can also benefit you in the long run.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

Let’s say, for example, that you have a Twitter account that has 10k followers. You then link this profile to your Facebook and Pinterest profiles. Now let’s take it one step further where each linked social media platform links back to your website too. This is a quick way to start building authority for your website.

But if you’re going to try and get a natural dofollow link through social media, it’s a good idea to release a press release on PRWeb, which will be shared across your networks. Once again, these links are dofollow, but they can help build authority for your website simultaneously.

Here are some examples of social media platforms that you can try and take advantage of:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Google+

4 . LinkedIn

5 . Pinterest

  1. YouTube Of course, there are many other ways to get a dofollow link, but by using these methods, you can start building up your website’s authority.

One thing to keep in mind is that you always want to try and get quality links back to your site. This means that they should come from reputable sites which are relevant to yours.

Video-Sharing SEO backlink list

Having videos posted about your site can be a great way to increase authority when it comes to video-sharing sites.

Not only are you getting traffic from YouTube alone, but backlinks will naturally flow in as well, which will help with SEO over time.

Here are some examples of video sharing sites that have dofollow links:

  1. Vimeo
  2. Dailymotion
  3. Metacafe

This is just a tiny example of some video sites that can help you out with your SEO efforts. You should take advantage of them and shoot to get as many backlinks as possible over time.

Crowdfunding DF Backlinks

If you’re in the market for crowdfunding, there are a handful of sites that may be able to help you out with your efforts.

Sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo allow you to raise money for a project through donations from backers. In return for their participation, not only could they potentially get some kind of reward, but they’ll also have their name listed on the site.

This is a great way to get a do follow link to your website. These can be tough to get through, so make sure you’re putting in the time and effort when it comes to submitting your project.

Here are some tips for improving your chances of getting noticed:

  1. Add images
  2. Write a detailed description of your idea
  3. Make your project stand out from other projects on the site

These should give you a better shot at getting featured and gaining some dofollow links to add to your website.

As you start using each of these methods, you must track your efforts. By doing this, you’ll see which strategies are working, and you can double down on the effective ones.

SaaS Directories for DF backlinks

SaaS, or Software-as-a-Service, is a subscription-based service that provides ongoing software to users. These sites have high page authority which means they can be great for getting more backlinks over time.

Here are some examples of SaaS directories you can use:

  1. G2Crowd
  2. Clutch.co
  3. Trust Radius

All 3 of these directories allow you to list your company and receive a DF backlink to your website in return.

I’m sure you’ve heard the term ” The Money is in the List “. Well, this applies to your website as well. The more lists that you have, the better it will be for SEO purposes.

Some examples of these are:

  1. Ninja Outreach
  2. Muck Rack

3 . Pitch Box These are just a few examples of the SaaS directories that you can submit to gain a dofollow link.

Now it’s important to understand that these aren’t the best way to generate authority because there are so many other factors involved. But if you’re looking for easy backlinks which will give your website an extra push, then this is one way to do it. In the end, these methods will help you get ahead of your competition and should also help with SEO efforts as well.


Comment sections that allow dofollow backlinks

Sites that allow comments on blog posts are a great way to get some more dofollow backlinks.

You can also use this method if you post articles on forums because they’ll allow you to leave your website link in the signature section.

Thumbtack.com is an example of this because they allow you to list your services and get a DF backlink in return for people clicking on your profile.

Here are some other sites that do the same thing:

  1. Medium (This site has the most amount of pages indexed in Google)

2 . Quora

  1. Reddit

All 3 of these sites are great for getting more dofollow links because they’re highly authoritative and well-trusted websites.

So start posting your articles on these sites to get noticed and then link back to your website. By doing this, you’ll be able to see an increase in traffic over time.

DF Backlinks on Community Sites

A great way to get dofollow links is through community sites like Reddit, Quora, Voat, etc.

These are the top websites that I use for posting articles and gaining authority backlinks.

By doing this, you’ll be able to gain exposure with your website, but the best part is you’ll also be able to see an increase in traffic.

These sites can really help you get ahead of the competition because they allow you to target specific places with your posts which means more people will be interested in visiting your website.

Reddit is one of the most popular websites on the internet today, and there are tons of different subreddits that you can use for link-building purposes.

For example:

  1. Your first and last name (This will allow you to get more targeted traffic)

2 . Your website’s niche (I would limit this to 3-4 niches, so you don’t overwhelm yourself)

3 . Curated lists on Reddit

These are just a few of the many subreddits that you can use to find some backlinks.

Quora is another site that you can use for link-building purposes. They’re one of the largest authority sites on the internet today, and they allow you to list your website to gain traffic.

So try using these two sites if you want to increase traffic for your website.


Link Listing sites with DoFollow Backlinks

A great way to get DF backlinks is through link listing sites like Miva Merchant’s directory.

Miva Merchant is one of the best directories on the internet because they allow you to list your website and gain authority in return.

So I would recommend using this site if you’re looking for some more dofollow backlinks that can help your website rank in search results.

You can also try using a couple of these sites to get more exposure for your business.

  1. BOTW (An excellent site for getting authority backlinks)

2 . Best High PR Directory

3 . Listing Site HQ

All 3 of these sites are great for getting more dofollow backlinks because they’re highly trustworthy.

So you should be able to see an increase in traffic by using these three websites.

Online Portfolios

A great way to get dofollow backlinks is by creating an online portfolio that you can use to gain exposure.

Online portfolios are great for getting more exposure because they’re easy to create, but the best part is you don’t need to do much work after you get everything set up.

So start using these websites if you want to increase traffic on your website.

1 . Behance

2 . Coroflot

3 . Dribble

All 3 of these websites are great for getting more exposure because they’re easy to use and can really help you get ahead in business.


Job exchange platforms

A great way to get dofollow backlinks is by posting jobs on job exchange platforms.

These are great because they allow you to post open job positions and gain authority for your website in return.

So I would recommend using these websites if you want to gain exposure for your business easily.

1 . LinkedIn

2 . Monster

3 . Glassdoor

Blog Distribution

Blog Distribution allows you to place links on other people’s websites, similar to guest posting, except you don’t need to worry about reaching out or anything. That’s the beauty of buying blog distribution packages because you can basically get someone else to do it for you.

Buy a few blog distribution packages from popular websites like Fiverr or SEOClerks.

This is a great way to get more exposure for your website because you’ll be able to reach thousands of different people in no time at all.

These sites are constantly growing, and they’re good if you want to increase the traffic on your website.


This is the only post on dofollow backlinks you’ll ever need. We’ve covered everything from what they are to why they matter and how to tell if a link is dofollow, all the way through how to build your backlink profile for maximum SEO value. Now that you know about dofollow backlinks, it’s time for you to take action! Add this blog post to your reading list so you can come back when you’re ready with questions or want more information on building out your marketing strategy. If this sounds like too much work right now – don’t worry! We have experts in our team who specialize in digital marketing strategies just waiting to hear from YOU today. Click the link to get started.

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