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    What's Included in Our CBD SEO Services?

    Our team understands that your business is unique. We also appreciate the fact that you operate in a young industry needing specialized attention. Therefore, we take time with you to explore all the most appropriate strategies to include in your cannabis SEO package. Your package will feature the following.

    Track Analytics

    Our experts track how your cannabis site ranks for targeted keywords. Effective SEO keyword usage specified to your topic, cannabis, can help you to speed up your organic search results, enabling you to attract more customers and gain online relevance.

    Site Audits

    We audit your site to build enhanced strategies that boost traffic. Just like any other industry, content can become out-of-date as things evolve, and best practices for things like SEO change every day. We specialize in cannabis websites and will provide you with a valuable perspective on how your site is performing.

    Keyword Research

    The package also features keyword research to analyze gaps in your site. SEO is ever-changing and so are the SEO practices we use every day. Therefore, if your content is going to rank well in an organic search, it needs to include the relevant cannabis related keywords in the right places.

    On-Page Optimization

    We ensure that your visitors enjoy the best user experience that makes them keep coming back. On-page SEO includes different factors such as keyword research, URL optimization, meta tags, header tags, keyword placement in content, image optimization among various other components.

    Technical Optimization

    We commit to improving the technical aspects of your site like its speed, and including structured data markup to your website so that search engines better understand the content on it.

    Link Building

    We build high-quality links that enable your cannabis business to rank higher in search engines. When necessary, we also reach out to high-quality websites in your niche to help boost your rankings and authority.

    What Can You Expect from Pror CBD SEO Services?

    We know that cannabis is still illegal in many parts of the world. However, some nations have discovered its immense health and economic benefits far outweigh the previous demonization the plant suffered. We will work to use our top-notch SEO practices to boost your site to the top of the organic search results, welcoming internet users to your page at a much faster and more accessible rate. Our CBD SEO solutions can assist you to ultimately demystify the plant among your target audiences through factual and educational content. Here is what you can expect from our solutions:

    Enjoy a customized cannabis SEO strategy, where we work with you from the very beginning to understand your needs and goals, that will give you a higher ranking in search engines.

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    Benefits Of Choosing Pror CBD SEO Services

    Benefits are the only measures you can use to prove that our CBD SEO agency has given you value for your hard-earned money. Here are a few ways how your cannabis brand benefits from our marketing solutions:

    • An enhanced user experience.
    • More incoming leads resulting in better conversion.
    • Enhanced brand awareness.
    • Improved credibility and reputation.
    • Higher rankings and authority.
    • Better metrics (bounce rates, page visits, time-on-page)
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    What Our CBD SEO Clients Have to Say

    Our SEO Services and Strategies

    Your SEO needs are diverse and so are our strategies. Here are some of the strategies we design to bolster our medical SEO services.

    On-page SEO

    Our on-page SEO focuses on areas like keyword research that enables us to include the most relevant keywords in your content. We also publish high-quality content that focuses on targeted keywords.

    Technical SEO

    Our technical SEO covers various areas to enhance your website’s backend and foundation. We use it to improve your website’s performance and provide a better user experience.

    Off-page SEO

    Our off-page techniques fortify your website’s relationship with other websites. They help your site gain more authority and reputation. Eventually, your website becomes more reliable and trusted.

    How We Bring Your Businesses to the Top of the SERPs !

    So, how do we bring best practices to the top of goole search engines? Here is how our efforts help you do it.

    • We help you choose the most suitable keywords to help you rank higher in search engines.
    • Our team helps you create qualitative multimedia content.
    • We can also market your content on high-authority industry publications to elevate your firm’s profile.
    • We enhance your local search engine marketing to give you a stronger local head-start.
    • Our experts enhance your social media rankings and following.
    • Our solutions increase your website’s visibility in organic searches.

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    How We Bring Your Businesses to the Top of the SERPs !
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    Why Choose Us?


    All business decisions are important and have consequences, whether positive or negative. Choosing an SEO company can help determine the future of your company. It is important to know the company you are partnering with, and understand that they are there for you every step of the way, meeting your needs and goals. We will do just that, but plan to exceed them. We will sit down with you to ensure everything is well-covered, and keep you updated every step of the way. We appreciate a business trusting us with their SEO, and we will not let them down. SEO has to be a market driver for the cannabis industry, because it is relatively impossible to run PPC, and social media marketing is extremely regulated on what is allowed. We are professionals in our industry, with a track record of pleased businesses that have partnered with us, and will help market cannabis successfully. We foster open communication with our customers, customize solutions that are uniquely fit to your specific needs, and have the utmost industry knowledge of the CBD world.


    Fortunately, we fit the bill when it comes to hiring a professional CBD SEO agency. Here are the top reasons to make us your go-to SEO provider.

    • We foster open communication and dealings with our customers.
    • Our team formulates customized solutions with your ideas and unique needs being at the center.
    • We have expert-industry knowledge of the CBD world.
    • Permanent website traffic that can be easily converted to customers and ultimately bring sales and profits. We will focus on ensuring your site is not only easily accessible but also easy to navigate and understand, so the amount of returning users will skyrocket.
    • We save you and your team precious time to focus on your daily business duties because we do all the SEO work, saving your time and energy. You can just sit back and watch the results soar.
    • Enjoy constant updates on the latest SEO dynamics and trends. We stay up to date on the ever-changing SEO trends to ensure your site stays relevant and successful.

    Frequently asked questions

    We understand that each and every business decision is a big deal and can affect the future of your company. We want to ensure that you are comfortable in your decision and all of your questions are answered. Here are a few that are frequently asked, but feel free to ask any others that may arise:

    Yes. All our packages are catered to meet your changing needs during your journey.


    Of course. You can book a telephone or an in-person consultation to enable us to assess your needs more accurately. Such a session also helps you gauge our ability to meet your SEO needs.

    We do not write duplicate content. Instead, we even allow you to give us your specific thoughts on what kind of content you want your readers to read.

    Why not? We are here to serve your best interests. That is why your voice matters.

    Tracking analytics is pertinent to ensure the correct keywords and phrases are being used, skyrocketing the amount of site visits and returns. Monitoring the analytics can help you judge what is bringing in the most clicks and what is not quite measuring up.

    Yes, We give you ideas and tips for how you might improve your website to increase traffic.

    Keywords and phrases are what draw the everyday internet user to your site, as they Google vague keywords and will mostly focus on the top search results to determine their standpoint. We will ensure that you are at the top.

    We have perfected what is needed for a constructive on-page optimization, and will work to ensure yours is superior to all competitors.

    Technical Optimization will lead to a better user experience and improved metrics like bounce rates and time-on-page, which will inevitably increase user accessibility and the likelihood of them revisiting and trusting your page.

    Links are one of the most important ways that search engine algorithms determine the relevance and quality of a page. Having a strong number of links to a website indicates that the content there is valuable and of importance. We will ensure you meet this criteria.

    SEO has to be the market driver for the industry, because it is relatively impossible to run PPC, and social media marketing is extremely regulated on what is allowed.We know the troubles and hardships of marketing cannabis, hemp, and CBD on the internet and thankfully, we are veterans when it comes to jumping through these hoops to get your brand message heard.

    Many studies show that cannabis can relieve chronic pain, improve lung capacity, help with weight loss, regulate and prevent diabetes, fight cancer, help treat depression, regulate seizures, alleviate anxiety, deal with pain linked to arthritis, among many other added health benefits. Ensuring that we explain and effectively project the benefits and valid information regarding cannabis is what will set us apart from the many outlets of false information on the internet.